Terramar Rd., Coos Bay, CCSO release – On January 4th, 2020, at about 4:36 pm, The Coos County Sheriff Office responded to a reported burglary in progress on Terramar Road in Coos Bay. The caller reported she and her husband had found two males in the detached garage of their residence and the caller reported her husband was currently holding the two burglars at gunpoint. Upon the Deputies’ arrival, the two males, identified as 36 year old Philip Raymond Nerpel and 27 year old Jordan James Duval, were taken into custody. The caller’s husband said after he located Jordan and Philip inside his garage, and verbally gave them commands. The caller’s husband said both men complied and exited the garage and sat down. A pistol was located inside the garage, which Jordan later admitted to belonging to him. Philip also admitted to attempting to enter the residence on the property but Philip said he was unable to enter the home due to the locked dead bolt. Philip admitted he had kicked the door of the garage and also stated he had stolen a knife from inside the garage. Philip said he was looking around in the garage for items to take but he was unable to see very well due to him not having a flashlight. Jordan was also found to be in the possession of a controlled substance. Both Jordan and Philip were transported to the Coos County Jail, where they were lodged on the charges of Attempted Burglary 1, Burglary 2, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Criminal Mischief and Conspiracy. Jordon will also be referred to the Coos County District Attorney’s Office for the charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

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