At 7:35 pm, Thursday, July 11, the Coos Bay Fire Department was dispatched to the report of a structure fire at 744 S. 4th Street. The building is an older house that was converted into a triplex. Before the first fire engine left the station, the firefighters could see the flames and smoke from the large fire just 2 blocks away. The fire started in a bedroom and, fueled by a mattress, grew quickly. The occupants were able to get out of the apartment, but one had to be rescued by another family member. These two occupants were sent by ambulance to Bay Area Hospital. One was treated for smoke inhalation and released, while the other was transported to OHSU Hospital in Portland with significant heat related injuries. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the southwest corner of the apartment. There was smoke and water damage to the rest of the apartment building. The neighboring home, 750 S. 4th St., sustained heat damage to the outside of the house. The occupants of 742 S. 4th St., one of the other apartments in the triplex, were displaced by the fire and the third apartment was unoccupied. After extinguishing the fire, the Fire Chief and Deputy State Fire Marshal conducted in investigation into the cause of the fire. While the area of origin was easily identified, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. Witness statements from the occupant that was hospitalized is needed before the official cause can be reported. The estimated damage to the building is roughly 80,000.