DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its participation in the Click It or Ticket campaign. The patrols took place from Monday, May 2nd through Sunday, June 6th, 2021. Utilizing grant dollars administered by the Oregon Department of Transportation, deputies spent a total of 15 hours on enhanced patrol in Douglas County enforcing seatbelt and child restraint system laws. During the course of the enforcement campaign, deputies stopped a total of 21 vehicles and took the following enforcement actions: 7 warnings for speed violations; 3 citations for Driving While Suspended; 1 citation related to an interlock device; 1 seatbelt warning; 12 warnings for equipment violation; 4 other enforcement citations; 39 other enforcement warnings; 1 arrest on a criminal case. “These grant dollars allow us to educate the public in hopes of reducing injury or fatal car crashes,” said Sgt. Mark Norris. “Our goal isn’t to write citations, but to gain compliance with the law and to ensure the safety of the motoring public in Douglas County.”