On October 14, 2020 The Junction City Police Department arrested Noelle R. Jendraszek, 25, for her involvement in the theft of money, jewelry, and drugs from Residents of the Junction City Retirement and Assisted Living Facility, located at 500 E. 6th St., Junction City, Oregon. Jendraszek, who has been extremely cooperative and forthcoming throughout the investigation has talked openly with investigators about her wrongdoings. Moreover, Jendraszek has also admitted withholding vital and medically necessary medication from forty-four vulnerable and elderly residents whom were her care. The investigation began on September 10th, 2020 when the son of a resident reported cash had been stolen from this elderly father, who had moved into the Junction City Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in August of 2018. Investigation led officers to speak with Jendraszek, a med-tech with the facility since October of 2018. Within hours of the start of the initial interview, Jendraszek surrendered approximately 275 pieces of jewelry she admitted she has stolen form residents of various assisted living and care facilities over the past five to six year; residents who resided at facilities in the Willamette Valley from Salem to Eugene. Sadly, many of the residents have now passed away so reuniting these items of sentimental value, with family members, is going to be difficult if not impossible. During multiple interviews with officers over the past month, Jendraszek has indicated she has come to be at peace with her decision to be honest about the crimes she has committed. In a notarized affidavit admitting her guilt, Jendraszek stated, “I am very apologetic for any harm I have done and/or any sadness I have caused. It is my intent to correct my wrongs and do the right thing by taking responsibility for my actions. I hope someday that all the families and persons I have harmed can find it within themselves to forgive me because I know what I have done is wrong and I am seeking the help I need to recover and become a better person.” The Junction City Police Department needs help identifying the various pieces of recovered jewelry. The facilities in which Jendraszek has been employed during the past five years, in alphabetical order include: Cedar Village Assisted Living Community – Salem; Capital Manor Retirement Community – Salem; Four Seasons Residential Care – Salem; Junction City Retirement and Assisted Living – Junction City; Gibson Creek by Bonaventure – Salem; Prestige Senior Living Orchard Heights – Salem; Redwood Heights Retirement and Assisted Living Community – Salem; River Grove Memory Care – Eugene. If you have had a friend or relative who was a resident of any of these facilities within the last five years and believe the resident has jewelry gone missing or may have been stolen, you are urged to visit the following website where all the recovered jewelry is displayed and available for review. Instructions on the website must be followed in order for the department to look into any claims.