A bit about me. I am 62 years old and born and raised in North Bend. I am the operations manager of Ocean Terminals for the past 25 years. I help maintain business and network to obtain business. With that business our company supports dozens of local families.

There are some major financial decisions and hard decision to be made for the city of North Bend. I feel with my ability to secure new business and maintain current customers and my past experience on North Bend Council, that I have the ability to understand budget processes and help guide the city into living within its means. That is where the city needs to start, a budget that the city can live within and gives the citizens of North Bend a safe and prosperous town to live and work.

From 2014 through 2018 I was on the North Bend City Council. All three of my first years on council there were no budget concerns brought up to us at all by the City Administrator. When the 4th year budget process started, we were surprised to find out from the just retired City Administrator that we were facing a huge financial shortfall. It was at that time that it was voted to assess a $5.00 fee to fund 4 police officers. Suddenly it turned into $15.00. After I was off city council, it got voted up to $30.00 per household. I would have never voted for that. It should never have gone from $5.00 to $30.00.

I will work hard to keep the services we need and make tough decision on things that we do not need or cannot fund at this time.

I would sure appreciate your vote. I believe I understand what North Bend citizens want, to be heard and listened to. I can do that.

Thank you

Pat Goll