I would like to introduce myself, and tell you why I’m running for a seat on North Bend City Council.
I am sorry if I did not find you at home so that I could meet you and say hello.
My name is Susanna Noordhoff, and I moved to North Bend from Vancouver WA in 2005 to work for Stuntzner Engineering and Forestry. While at SEF, I designed the Oak Street ballfields for the North Bend School District. It’s a lot of fun to drive by and look at those softball and soccer fields. With a B.S. in Civil Engineering, I have an understanding of public works. I know that our City streets are in trouble, and that we have a completed engineering study that has prioritized the needed repairs. I want to move that effort forward.

Since moving to the area, I’ve been active in several organizations. I was President of the SW Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Oregon in 2009-10, when we hosted 200 engineers for the State PEO Conference at the Mill Casino.

I own a second house in Gardiner, and was appointed to the Gardiner Sanitary District’s Board of Directors in 2014.
I was elected to a four-year seat in 2017, and have been through five budget cycles and two major construction projects.
I was elected to a two-year seat on the Gardiner Fire District’s Board in 2017 and brought in several grants that benefit the firefighters. Here in North Bend,
I want to support our City’s public safety with adequate funding, and no surprises.

I live just south of Simpson Park and was on the Parks Board from 2010 to 2014.
I have followed Council matters for some time. Council has made many good decisions. However, I found it frustrating that the Council vote on the additional $15 public safety fee in February 2019 was taken under ‘Other Business’! I believe it should have been its own agenda item, and included with the posted meeting agenda. Council needs to regain the public’s trust and
improve transparency.

I am running for Council because I care about North Bend, our people, our economic opportunities, strong infrastructure, adequate housing, and transparency and honesty in government. I have experience, and I’m not afraid of hard work.
I would appreciate your vote for City Council. Thank you!