In an effort to minimize exposures and maintain the wellness of our personnel, unauthorized access to the North Bend Police Department by non-city employees will be restricted until further notice. This posting follows the closure of North Bend City offices and government buildings to the general public, posted March 19, 2020.
1. Temporary suspension of all Sex Offender Registrations is in effect; however, if this service is needed, individuals may leave their name and contact number for notification when that service resumes. 2. As an added safety precaution and until further notice North Bend Police will not be gathering, collecting or storing found or abandoned property to include the following; -Bikes -Backpacks/suitcases/duffel bags -Clothing -Personal property This does not apply to wallets with identification or credit cards etc; which are more likely than not stolen property, nor does it apply to weapons or items that are a danger to our community. 3. Public Records Request must be submitted in writing using forms that can be located in the Police Department Lobby Slot Wall.

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