The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) falls within the Siuslaw National Forest and is roughly 50-miles long between the Siuslaw River at Florence and Coos Bay. However, it is not all sand. Over the years, forests have crept into the dunes, and non-native plants have threatened the delicate ecosystem. Volunteers with the Oregon Dunes Restoration Collaborative (ODRC) has been working to reverse the growth of plants that have invaded the Dunes. Imported Scotch Broom and European Grass are two of the main culprits attempting to stabilize the moving sand. The ODRC volunteers gather about once a month to target a section of the Dunes. While mostly working in the Florence area, the group would also like to get restoration projects started on Coos Bay’s North Spit, the Horsfall Beach area. More information about ODRC can be found at their website: